Who is Hugo?

Meet me, Chastity! I started my dream of owning my own business back in 2019. I have always been creative and have always had a love of most craft things. That started young as my mom would always take the time to color and doodle with me. Then I got to experience craft shows with Grandma. She would even let me sell my crafts & bracelets! I loved sharing my creations with everyone and making them smile. Yes, I was an entrepreneur at a very young age.

I have 4 amazing kids and a wonderful husband, we are the Hugos. They each have hand in this family business. My husband is creative and helps with some of the marketing. My daughter inspires me daily. My boys drive me to my workspace in search of peace and sanity... just kidding! They help anyway they can, even with shipping.

I am incredibly blessed to have the support of an amazing network of family and friends along my journey.

Fast forward to today... tumblers and epoxy art bring me so much joy! I get to create beautiful and special gifts for the world, how amazing is that? I can't thank you all enough for allowing me to continue my journey in making the world beautiful and spreading joy.